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Speciality Of Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks Manufactured by AGROMEC

  • These are the sturdiest Pallet trucks available in the Indian market, thoroughly tested on full load many a time and on 25% overload several times before leaving the works, not one in a batch but each and every piece of it.
  • The normal life of 'AGROMEC' Pallet Truck, on heavy continuous duty is not less than five years.
  • After which it can be sent to works for extensive repairs / overhaul at most reasonable charges and the same will be taken into the umbrella of our usual warranty just like a new one. During the warranty period, any replacement of parts or service is done free of charge without any obligation/expenses.
  • All spare parts are perfectly interchangeable and available off the shelf at short notice.
  • All ball valve seats are finished and grinded Special seals and mirror - finish cylinders ensure Leak proof Hydraulic unit working for years.
  • All pins are made of EN-9 steel grinded to mirror - finish and working in replaceable porous C.I. bushes for quicker and easier maintenance, so that the main parts are not worn out / damaged.
  • Special wiper seals are provided to prevent dust and grit entering the Hydraulic circuit as also to keep the ram absolutely clean and polished in dusty atmosphere.
  • Special oil filter is provided in the suction side of the Hydraulic unit so that no contaminants can enter the circuit. This is a unique feature of 'AGROMEC' Pallet Trucks which is not provided in any other machine.
  • To avoid accidental break-down, due to over hoisting of ram, there is a special bleeding arrangement to hold the upward movement in spite of persistent shakes of handle.
  • All ball & thrust bearings used are of reputed make, original and genuine, provided with dust covers.
  • Besides the standard version. 'AGROMEC' Pallet Truck is also tailor-made to suit the customer's special requirements with regard to sizes, shapes, specification and other oddities in one, two, three & five ton capacity. In special cases, the company manufactures up to 10 ton capacity Pallet Trucks to meet defense requirements and installation of heavy machinery.
  • The company have got a lifelong experience of 36 years in this line when the use of Pallet Trucks was very rare in the Indian industry and had to satisfy each and every customer/maintenance staff about the operational simplicity and efficiency of the unit. It has, therefore, been our constant endeavor to improve our Hydraulic unit by using the least number of parts with the maximum service life.
  • The company provides excellent after-sale service. Operating instructions & spare parts
    Manual along with the standard price list are sent with the machine


The Specially designed hydraulic lifting unit is self contained. Totally enclosed and engineered for maximum efficiency and long trouble free service. The unit is designed to bear the entire weight, maintaining the load in the elevated position and to control lowering speed. Close tolerances of all matching parts ensure no leakage of hydraulic oil.

This hydraulic unit is fixed in frame on three pins, which, if taken out, the unit is free from frame (Pallet Trucks) for quick maintenance at site or reconditioning at our works.

'AGROMEC' Always Provides Excellent After Sale Service With a Smile