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Special Pallet Truck 10 Ton

Agromec manufactures Hydraulic Handlift Pallet trucks in standard capacities of 1.1, 2, 2.5 & 3.2 Tons and standard fork length of 900 mm, 1050 mm and 1220 mm. The Minimum pallet gap varies from 65 to 100 mm. For special applications, pallet trucks can be tailor-made to suit customer's requirement of capacities up to 10 Tons, fork lengths up to 1650 mm. And pallet gap up to 250 mm and even more. The Ram and plunger used in hydraulic unit are hard chrome plated and mirror finished. The cylinders are honed to high degree of finish. Lifting is done by swift and easy strokes of the steering handle and lowering by pressing a foot pedal. Cushioned lowering under Hydraulic pressure enables the trucks to handle all breakable parts & products. Each wheel is provided with two antifriction reputed make Bearings. Ball thrust and oil cushioned steering combined with wide dual steering wheels provides excellent, maneuverability in narrow ailes and restricted areas and easy steer with heavy loads. An ideal machine for internal handling of raw Materials, components and finished products from store to shop floor, from machine to machine, from one bay to another, ultimately to loading/unloading platform and vice-versa, completely a one man show on smooth level pucca floors. Hydraulic unit has few working parts, for easy maintenance and long life. Parts are interchangeable and available off the shelf.

Specification :

MODEL   AGST 10000
Capacity Kg. 10000 Kgs.
Lift: Mm. 122
Overall Width mm. 700
Fork Length mm. 1400
Fork Width mm 255
Front Wheels mm 350X65
Rear Wheels mm Dia 150
Min. Pallet Gap mm 152
Self Weight Kg. ****

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